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    Rush pitches put together in a very short amount of time.
The pitches in this project file were all rush requests that I had a day or two to get everything put together. Since there was very little time most of these were based off templates that we already had created. For the above pitch, I was told to use a regular corporate template, but to still create a custom cover.
This is a sample page from the Genesis Plaza pitch - the brokers wanted to show the client they worked hard and also had a sense of humor, so they opted to use the above images and titles for themselves.
This pitch I had only one day to get everything done and was told to work with a new design for the template. This was one of the more challenging rush pitches I have worked on, but it was successful because the brokers did get the business.
A sample page from the Nancy Ridge Business Park pitch - the callout with the site plan overlay was challenging.
This pitch was based off a template that had been created back in 2009 for a tabbed book. Getting this book updated and reformatted quickly according to the brokers' new specifications was not easy.
A sample page from the 140 Marine View pitch - as you can see we only had the one rendering of the property to work with, so that is why it was used on this page as well as on the cover.