My Festive Story
My Festive Story
Adobe Creative Cloud, 2022

The festive season means something different to everyone. From scents that send you back to your childhood to trivial traditions that become a cornerstone of your celebrations, we all have original stories to share. To catch a glimpse into the lives of our Behance community, we asked six talented creatives to tell their festive stories - in their own unique way. We revealed a new weekly story throughout December and even turned many of the beautiful artworks into ecards for our users.



Creative Director: Daniel Vargas Diaz
Associated Creative Director: Tasnim Bhuiyan
Art Director: Drucilla Burrell
Marketing Manager: Andrea Palao Strauss
Lifecycle Marketing manager: Rajiv Shah
Agency: Torpedo
Artists: Leandro Alzate, Zak Eazy, Szu-Yu Hou, Ahmed Nabil, Maïté Franchi, Ana Cuna

My Festive Story