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    Print campaign launching the PS2 in white for the first time in Malaysia
Playstation - Sony Malaysia
Sony Malaysia wanted to introduce its Playstation2 white in an official gaming magazine. Coming up with a pristine and clean execution for the product was vital to capturing attention in an ever cluttered gamers magazine environment, as well showcase that on the other side of anything white, it is not necessarily good.

In these instance the contrast of a milk bottle (which represents pureness) with the outer glass is embossed subtly a poison scull symbol makes a contrasting double take just as would a dove that usually carries an olive branch (which symbolizes hope/peace) is now carrying a barbwire which tells the story of war. The third ensemble which is a little more controversial in nature, showing a white book, or made to look like a bible (which represents good/holy) is then stamped with etchings with the devils 666 number.