Olympic Therapies [Branding case study]
00.The briefing:
Olympic Therapies is a company that offers two complementary services: massage treatments for health, wellbeing, posture control and stress reduction, and motivational and organizational coaching. Essentially, they help people define and achieve their professional goals.
They asked me to give them a really professional image. "We're neither hippies, nor psychologists". The main challenge was to overcome the skepticism of the target audience, giving the idea that it's okay to put yourself and your career on their hands because they really know what they're doing. (Which they do). The keywords were reliability, cleanliness, transparency, knowledgeability, seriousness and hope.
The competitors were not an issue in this case because no business integrates those services in that way. I was told not to worry about that, we could be the ones creating the market. So I figured that if we're going to be the first ones, we might as well position ourselves as the big, strong ones.
01.Research and concepts:

I started writing down anything that came to my head resembling the experience of Olympic Therapies. At this stage pretty much anything goes, I write secondary keywords down and look for either logos or just images representing those concepts, and also logos that just catch my eye for some reason and I think I might draw inspiration from. I always look for new sources of inspiration, but I never skip Béhance, Dribbble, Logopond and my own Pinterest, in which I gather pretty much anything that I find interesting.
After viewing hundreds of examples and thinking about several concepts and how to interconnect them, I go to sleep. Sleep is important to reprocess all the information and defragment my mind before I start with the next step.
I carried a small notebook with me this time, which proved useful for popping out on the spot and doodling anytime I had an idea, but not that practical for scanning to document my process. Anyway here are photos of some pages.
I tried several letter arrangements, mountains, flames, stairs, arrows, owls, anything. This one almost made it:
Because I kinda liked how it was looking, but I ended up realizing that it looked too much like luxury, like a prize for after having won. It was neither relaxing nor representative of the journey of self improvement. Nor clean or transparent either, in fact it looked rather misterious. So I just threw it in the drawer and kept sketching. Eventually I got here:
This one was a keeper: three lines like stairs formed the base of a mountain, moved along in a relaxing way; and then, when they collide, they start the transformation. Like the two services of Olympic Therapies complement each other, or the joined efforts of the client and the coach result in the professional growth.

And they transform into the olympic flame, which at the same time completes the mount olympus. So you start by climbing only to realize that, in the end, you are the mountain. It has been you all along. And the top also subtly looks like an oak crown, representing victory.
I liked it: it represented so many things in quite a clean way, and it definitely looked serious and corporative. It still needed a lot of work, sure: the lines didn't have a clear direction, the ascension was too abrupt, the line of the mountain wasn't definite, the ends were too pointy and it didn't really point upwards anyway. But the concept, that's what I had been looking for. So it was time to stop brainstorming and start iterating.
03. Polishing:
This part sounds quick and easy but it actually takes days. You have to look at your work as objectively as you can, detect its flaws and try to solve them, and then think about how to get the same effect in a simpler way if you can, and in a more powerful way but maintaining it just as simple if you can't. Then you make the changes, then you stop looking at it for a while and then start over with a fresh mind. Let me walk you through some of the steps:
This version was simple allright, but it was too aggressive and ambiguous. It looked more like an army medal. The road upwards was too direct, the ends too pointy. It was too vertical all around, and it didn't even really look like a mountain. It needed a twist, so I did just that.
I finally had a much clearer idea of where I wanted to go. This version represented a much more gradual growth, the movement was much more simmilar to a massage and the top of the mountain seemed much more like a chest full with pride. It was shinier and more corporative, stronger and more relaxing. But still the lines were too thin, and their direction was too indefinite, the top end was too pointy and the overall was still too confusing. I tried some ways to simplify it, but it lost the balance between relaxing and growing.
And although these transformations were not wat I wanted, I did learn a lot from them about how to make the logo simpler and how to regulate relaxation and impact. So I could integrate my learning into the tweaking of the previous version, and after a bunch of hours I ended up emerging with this:
The switch to two opaque colors gives a new sensation of movement and makes it a lot more visually identifiable.
04. Applications:
In the end there were complications with the client and her project before I could start working on the applications, but this part of the job seemed worth showcasing to me.
Thank you!
I really hope you like my case study! If you want to contact me to ask me anything or want me to do any work for you, my email is ManuelDomGar@Yahoo.es