Never does a personal project just fall into my lap. Its always the blank cavas syndrome. Well, this one did. While working for Google, we were brainstorming different donut ideas for the bi-weekly donut give away. Its a small thing the group does to recognize others for great work. You don't get anything except bragging rights, so when one of the amazing co-workers was leaving the team tried to come up with a 3D donut that would blow their socks off. Long story short, the 3D donuts got killed and I turned it into a personal project. 

Personal goals for this project were to get more familiar with softbody dynamics and creating textures in substance designer.  
Process reel below, kinda... 

Its more like, check out what you just watched before, 
again, but with cool clay/wireframe reveals reel. 
Process reel
Substance Designer Tex Build
Substance Designer's torus UV is different than Maxon C4D's native torus. I had to export a torus fbx out of Substance and import that into C4D. I was very happy when that worked cuz' I'm no UV expert. 
Exported torus from Substance Designer brought into C4D
Textures below built in Substance Designer and are available to try out. Let me know if you build anything, would love to see. 
Beauty pass
Normal map
Roughness pass
If you made it this far down then maybe you'd like to know what our 3D donut exploration looked like. Our team was exploring different style donuts to use when giving fellow employee's kudo's, props, "donuts." This one was set up to generate different colored sprinkles and frosting. 
Original donut - Maple with chocolate sprinkles, yum!