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Volta Digital Billboards ☉ Video campaign

Volta Digital Billboards — Video campaign
✹ What's the Air Quality like in New York today?

You can look that up on any of the Volta electric charging station billboards. Algo turns the Bloomberg Green data into an outdoor video experience – available in the 12 major cities across the US.

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In partnership with Bloomberg Green, our team designed and developed a short-form data-visualization to be displayed in each city, on the billboards of the Volta electric charging stations. The daily videos show the evolution of the Air Quality of the last 4 days in 12 major American cities.
Since the videos are short and displayed outdoor –imagine people passing by in a rush– we made sure that data could be visualized clearly and digested quickly. That’s why, instead of relying on a textual representation of pollution values, we decided to turn them into shapes and colors, something much more understandable visually.
The circle representing PM 2.5 gets bigger and its color warmer if pollution is high.
At the opposite, it gets smaller and with colder shades if the numbers are looking good. Plus, by keeping a light trail of the previous circles, the most attentive viewers can visualize the evolution of the quality of air throughout the week.

Thanks to our integration with Volta’s Ad Servers, videos are automatically pushed to their content delivery network for a smooth, human-free distribution on their digital billboards across the US.

The 8-seconds-long Air Quality forecast gets inserted into the carousel of ads, interrupting the advertisements to showcase more relevant, real-time data for the citizenship. 

This way, the right video reaches the right screen, effectively linking the function (charging your electric vehicle) with the goal (living in a city with clearer air). A breath of fresh air for Volta.
Thanks for watching !

Credits ✶ Algo Studio
Project Direction — Luca Gonnelli
Creative Direction — Ilenia Notarangelo & Luca Gonnelli
Design — Ilenia Notarangelo & Silviu Chiriac
Automation Lead — Matteo Ruffinengo
Automation — Marco Oggero
Data Scientist — Nima Farzaneh
Project Management — Marina Escher Barbieri


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Volta Digital Billboards ☉ Video campaign


Volta Digital Billboards ☉ Video campaign