Baasch "Wszystko", XR music video

Baasch Wszystko — XR music video 

We transfer real artistic performances into unreal spaces, looking for new forms of expression. Together with BAASCH artist we recorded a musical performance, and then moved it to the construction dominated by the red color. We literally locked the artists in a new reality. In augmented reality!

Using the Unreal Engine graphics engine, original 3D models and the animation skills of our artists, we made a system based on simple geometries. We projected camera views onto them that captured the details of the artists' performance. The artists themselves were embedded in the space in opening alcoves.

The block animates, rotates, and distorts depending on the music and needs. With Unreal Engine we could generate a huge amount of content to vary the post-production works. The final result combines the entire workflow, from VR to post-production. 


Creative concept and executive production: Piloci Studio
Client: BAASCH
XR Technology: Funky Fox Studio
Venue: Alvernia Planet
Multimedia: Visualsupport
Video Coverage: 2Vision

Piloci Studio Team
Founder & Chief Technology Officer: Hubert Kaszycki
Managing Partner & COO: Edyta Kopytko
Managing Partner & Production Director: Bernard Wójcik
Creative Director & Digital Artist: Piotr Wątroba (Królowa Lama)
Lead 3D Generalist: Gregor Milewski
Lead Unreal Engine Artist: Severyn Bartosevych
3D Artists: Bernard Wójcik, Gregor Milewski, Severyn Bartosevych, Maciej Wojtyłko, Marta Woźniak, Sebastian Gaczoł
Unreal Engine Artists: Severyn Bartosevych, Piotr Kapelan, Maksym Skyper
Lead Motion Graphic Designers: Amadeusz Ferduła

Motion Art Director: Patryk Zimończyk
Motion Graphic Artists: Amadeusz Ferduła, Anna Białek, Patryk Zimończyk, Damian Sobecki
Art Director: Jonasz Ulatowski
Graphic Designer: Karolina Upława
Project Management: Michalina Kulita

Funky Fox Studio Team
Unreal Engine Developers: Damian Bałdyga, Tomasz Liszkowski, Andrzej Tomaszewski


Baasch "Wszystko", XR music video