Trusted Valuer
The Challenge
A completely new created brand Trusted Valuer contacted me with the need for a new identity, visual communication and the adaptation of new elements in digital. Trusted Valuer is a brand and platform that uses the founder's experience and expertise in business valuation to train (mostly) accountants to acquire the skills to become business valuators themselves. The space includes many practice guides, sample reports and workbooks, live and past webinars, and a community forum and membership business model. The founders of Trusted Valuer provide business valuation services to direct clients who are mostly business owners. They rely on some referrals, and most referrals come from accounting firms that do not have in-house valuation specialists and do not offer business valuation services. The strongest offering is direct coaching through webinars, including weekly Q&A sessions (where the founder answers participants' questions) and an online community where they can connect with other participants.​​​​​​​
The solution
I worked with the founder of Trusted Valuer to establish brand direction. Trusted Valuer founder Yen Dang said the following: "The main message should be trust and professionalism. When they join our platform, they will have great resources and personal support to take on any business assessment work right away. They need to be confident that they can do it." Trusted Valuer takes a professional approach and strives to be a modern player with ambitions that transcend Canadian borders.
The company's logo is concise and inspired by a sphericity that brings together the multifaceted expertise of the company's professionals. The identity is based on the simplicity of language and expression, combined with clear lines and an emphasis on the knowledge that Trusted Valuer professionals represent.
It was important to provide an appealing visual expression that clearly distinguished the new brand and the new site with unique services. The communication was based on easy-to-understand messages detailing the company's capabilities, generating interest and making the service intuitive, friendly and professional.
Trusted Valuer
Multiple Owners
Anatoliy Terentyev