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    Bike by Me show case in New York City. Cool installation of 26 bikes hung in fishing lines from the ceiling creating a interactive show case desi… Read More
    Bike by Me show case in New York City. Cool installation of 26 bikes hung in fishing lines from the ceiling creating a interactive show case design. Read Less
Building the show case at New Amsterdam Bike Show, NYC 2011. 
Bike by Me, a Swedish bicycle company, launched their new collection of custom-on-demand-bikes on the 30th of April in New York City. By shipping 26 bikes from Sweden together with a home made truss and carpet the show case was something out of the ordinary. More on this on www.facebook.com/bikebyme.
Text by Johan, Bike by Me:

We came up with the idea on a show in Milan were a bunch of company had put up different hi cost stands, I thought that it was weird that there was so little attention on the actual product and booth (and girls with minimal clothing, remember Italians have another way of looking at equality). We said, that if we ever did a show, it would be in the sence of walking into the Bike by Me world.

A couple of months later, we got an invitation from a New York based production company arranging the New Amsterdam Bike show (www.newambikeshow.com), and it seemed like the right thing to do to put our thougts in action over in the big country in the west.

We had months to plan everything, but no bikes. They came delivered to Sweden just three days before they needed to be sent to the states. We were 6 guys working 24/7 to assemble all 26 bikes, and made it within the 2,5 deadline (hence the mess in our otherwise nice warehouse).
Since the rigging cost were really high in the states, we decided that we should construct our own truss. It didn't work in Sweden, since we couldn't hang it in it's actual anchor points. Bummer. We had to ship it all and hope for the best instead. 
Arriving at location in New York. This is 7 am in the morning, the rest of the show exhibitors came around 12. Plenty of time... 
First off, mount tires, handle bars, seat post, adjust brakes, cut...etc. Yeah. And we always wear matching outfit to the bikes we build. 
Bikes were mounted everywere, here at a roof top. Got us that extra New York feeling. Trendy huh?
26 bikes ready. Bringing them up to the show room.
Re-assembling our kick ass home made truss that we made in Sweden. It all worked according to plan so far.
Up with it in the ceiling, and start hanging bikes. I use a special Swedish hand grip here to hold the bike.
Magic! Bikes put up one by one in the ceiling. Ok, maybe not magic, it's called fishing line.
Little did we know that the fishing lines got tangled just on thinking about it. But we learned the hard way after around 3 hours.
Just some finnishing touches, some misses during production that needs to be fixed, and then we were ready to go.
And that was all it took. 3 days of work in Sweden, 2 days in New York, a huge box with all the bikes. And some fishing line.
See more at www.bikebyme.com

More pics of show case at www.facebook.com/bikebyme