IRON MAN 4Ocm, 186 pieces unique handmade marquetry by Laszlo Sandor

This picture the first of the "Heroes & Robots" series.
Designed by Laszlo Sandor
Inspired by the Iron Man wallpaper. 
Signed and numbered by the artist in pen & stamp on backside.
The special textures found in the egzotic raw materials contribute a lot to the unique style. Each portrait is made even more personal by how these materials react to the flow of time. 
Pieces: 186 / picture
Size: 40 x 40 x 0,9 cm (unframed)
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Used wood type: Birch, White Ash, Beech, Padouk, Sapelli Mahogany, Makassar Ebony
& Blue Maple (this part painted only)
Used color: white, light yellow, mallow, red, claret, brown, black, cyan blue