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Nud is an artisanal bakery and coffee shop specialized in sourdough bread and gourmet coffee. It was designed as a place where only good things happen and life stops for a moment.

"Bread and coffee" is possibly the best combination that exists and some of the most enjoyable things in this world. Few things compare to the sensation of the first sip of a good cup of coffee or the first bite of a delicious bun; hence the concept of the brand is born. It all begins from that first sip or bite that makes you feel as if nothing existed, there is no rush, there are no troubles, neither people, it's just you "nude" enjoying a brief moment of happiness.

For the visual identity we designed a series of lovely characters that portray the love for coffee and bread and those pleasant sensations we feel when tasting them. The feeling of the brand is soft, cute and casual, it is a brand that communicates in diminutive, a peculiar manner of speaking in Mexico with the things we care and enjoy the most.