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The Night We Ruled the World  Remember that night?Remember when we stayed up too late?When “too late” became “early”?And it was so early we decided to break a fast that wasn’t there to begin with?And over that meal of pancakes and hamburgers,we discussed the edges of life the edges of lifeand certain specific points in between.We flew off of other’s mountain topsthen dug in our own valleys to find buried treasuresbehind six year old, half full salt & pepper shakers.We discovered mini juke boxes installed on dining tables,flirted with our favorite songs,teasing it with quartersonly to listen to the album in the car ride on our way back to reality.Taking out time and basking in the carefree coolnessbeing gently sprinkled with eons of light from the star speckled heaven.Crossing a sea of bricks,Realizing we were at our zeniths,our ultra exciting yet anti-climatic moment of truth.Totally in tune with all that surrounded us in mind, body and soulfeeling all aware and complete understanding that we don’t know anything at all�And not caring.Our midnight peak at 4:47 AM.We heard the dawn cracking.But it didn’t…It couldn’t compare to our echoesof echoes of nonsensical musings and laughter.There we stood as outlaw kingsonly to be dethroned by time and eventually reality.With time brought eventual distance…Resulting in exhile.The option is not granted to us to return.But only in memory.With reality brought dread and fear.The normal life we once managed to escape.Surely sleep did not exist there but it too follows reality.But dreams follow sleep and become reality’s enemy,so we’ll always have memories and dreams of our domain.Only there can we remain in power.So, brother, do you remember that night?That night that we ruled the world?