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Fourchairs Branding and UX UI Design

Fourchairs is a fictitious furniture brand which was intended as an exercise for showcasing my skills on different fields, branding, user experience and 3d modeling being the main ones. 

This project includes the creation of both a website and mobile application for the mentioned "Fourchairs" brand. 

I would like to state that all elements without any exception have been created by me from scrach, this means I have not used any kind of stock graphical elements; all of them are original.

To further emphatise the authenticity of the project I modelled a 3D Chair using Rhinoceros 3D software which can be seen in all of the pictures shown below, in the menu screen. Also, this project is fully functional in AdobeXD and could be easily transfered to reality with just a few updates.

Lastly, in order to complete the project I developed what could be both an Instagram post and history layouts of the brand.

Focusing on the aesthetic aspect, I was partly inspired by the old flash websites which used to show a lot of soul and significance in their design. Also, the vectorheart aesthetic and y2k played a significant role into this. at least in the web part of it.
Colour palette intended for the project. All of them derivate from different scales of grey.
Versions of the logo, in different colours. All of them fit the aesthetic and are allowed to use without worry.
Dispensable icon of the logo. Even thought it is not used in the main logo it helps reinforce the branding in some cases. However, I find the lettering solid enough to work by itself.
UX/UI screens of the mobile web app. 
User experience screens of the website. The vectorheart aesthetic is present here resembling what could be a 200s flash webpage.
As stated, all of the elements showed in the project were created from scrath. Here are the main ones.
Video of the webpage working. Taken from the AdobeXD prototype.
3D Viewer simulation made with After Effects.
Social media layouts and examples used for promoting the new product. 
Render of the "Agartha" chair, as well as some pictures of the chair with the textures applied using Keyshot.
Lastly, three last pictures working as a moodboard that help emphatise the whole aesthetic of the brand. Pictures are not my own.
Fourchairs Branding and UX UI Design


Fourchairs Branding and UX UI Design