Downy French Lavender Diptyque | CGI Video
"The triangle breath on the beach" by Touzu, Thi Hồ, Dương Bê

Downy French Lavender Diptyque | CGI Video

With a year full of world-shifting events, people experienced a fair share of challenges and uncertainty, from finance, career to the pandemic outbreak. Downy collaborated with The Purpose Group to create the digital campaign “Trạm xoa dịu căng thẳng”, in hopes of helping people cultivate mindfulness through small mediation sessions at home, and still feel refreshed by the feelings outdoor nature brings. 

Joining this campaign, GudLag created meditation videos guided by the voice of life coach Lương Ngọc Tiên (founder of One Life Connection Training & Consultancy). We created relaxing natural background with floating fabric and flower petals, completely by CGI. Take a little break and experience the mindfulness journey here. 

"The square breath on the lake" by Nguyễn Thanh Tú
"The circle breath on the field" by Mark Đỗ
Downy French Lavender Diptyque | CGI Video