We are the grandaughter's of witches you couldn't burn
We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn
This project, for the International Women’s Day intends, to remind people
about the enormous struggles that women still face and to continue persevering. 

We might have come a long way since women were burnt at the stake, but, unfortunately, this practice continues around the world, in places such as Africa, in Southeast Asia and in Latin America. Women still suffer from less rights, genital mutilation, lack of access to education and certain governments condoning domestic violence. It wasn’t until after the genocide in Rwanda, that the practice of raping women during war-time, was considered to be a crime.

We should not become complacent in the fight to achieve equal rights’ for women, in the West, women still are still paid less than men, and receive 16% less pay in the USA and still face the glass ceiling; in the USA, 28% of CEOs are women, but around the world it is 5%.

In medicine, women receive poorer treatment than men, most medical trials are tested on men, often meaning that medicine is not suitable for women. Women suffer heart attacks differently from men, different pains and different symptoms, resulting in twice as many young women dying than men. Artificial hearts have only recently been designed for women’s bodies.

In the auto industry, crash test dummies are designed upon the average male’s proportions, meaning women’s smaller frames and less muscular necks result in more life-threatening injuries (neck traumas).

The massive backlash on women's rights in countries like the US and Poland, where the right to abortion is slowly being removed is something we should be very worried about.

Finally, a third of all women in the West are subjected to domestic violence each year and worse numbers in the developing world, usually committed by a current or ex-partner and 40 percent of female homicides are committed by a male partner of the victim. In the modern day and age, the shocking truth remains, that the most dangerous thing in a woman’s life, is their current or ex-partner.

In this project, we would like to draw attention to these issue by sharing the artworks of 32 women artists and what their incredible artworks have to say.

We would like to give a special thanks to the Marvelous Art Gallery:  

They have been tremendous in working closely with us, for sharing this project on their Website from the 8.3.2022 - 13.3.2002, designing the poster for the project and they also will print the project in their beautiful magazine on April the 15th 2022. They have been such an amazing help in having these women's stories told.

Sinead Mc Guigan
Instagram : sineadmcpoetry

The goddess of womanhood 
danced in the flames 
The daughters of triumph 
rise unshackled from pain

Woman who live in
burning embers of judgement 
lament in billowing breaths
sighs of past atonement 

She is the bright in every flame
rising from behind shuttered windows
no longer unseen or crying in shame

She is no longer a spectator
to blame or lies, held back from
her sisterhood, a woman denied 

She has a right to knowledge 
blinking eyes of endeavour 
she is the thunder that roars 
empty of discrimination forever 

She is the aftermath 
of judgement, the future of us
free from violence and control 
holding your hands in trust 

She is a woman in freefall breaking 
through all prejudice and abuse
Her eyes glare in the swirling red
her feminine energy diffused 

She is a woman equal in any storm 
her liberty and freedom forever calls

Sinead McGuigan 
"Unbound and Unique" 

'Imagining a future'

Dodi Ballada
Instagram : dodiballadaart

“How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself?”
― Anais Nin


Kamila Bartków
Instagram : kamila_bartkow_art

You're not alone, rise your head up sister, 
take the strength from our Mother Nature
and fight for your freedom.

Maria Grazia Battestini
Instagram : mariagraziabattestini
" ...but I never allowed my dignity to be stolen"

Who are the witches? Women who have the courage to tell the truth? Women who will not be discriminated against in the world of work? Women who are tired of being subjected to physical and psychological violence by those who say they love them? These are not witches, they are simply women; brave women. Yes I am a woman too, I am also the granddaughter of a witch and I am very proud of it!

Alessandra Bisi
"Sangue e vaniglia"
We have transformed horrors, blood and prejudices into perfume and freedom.

Ivana Burkovac
Instagram : ivana_bukovac_visual_art
Don’t say a word’

The art work reflect on the women's condition related to the everyday plague of domestic violence.
The focus is on the gaze of the subject : by looking directly to the spectator she seems to say : ” I’m still standing, I won’t be another victim”.

Cristina Cerminara 
Instagram : cristina_cerminara
In my art works I have always celebrated the natural power that every woman carries with her.
For this occasion I decided to represent a feminine image that expressed great vitality, vibrant beauty, a strong bond with natural elements. A visionary image as it is in my style, using drawings, analog and digital collage.
The deep bond of women with nature has always been their infinite strength, but the path to full female liberation is still long.

Patricia Concha

To embrace the world and live freely, I need to be treated with respect, equality and dignity. I can only be my true self, if people accept me for who I am."

Daiana Dax Sanzo
Instagram : dax_sanzo
"No more Oppression"

Sylvie D.
Instagram : sylvieblanche11
My four ancestors are French and emigrated to Canada in 1644, 1663, 1666 and 1732. Two hundred years later, Blanche, my maternal grandmother married a farmer and gave birth to eight children. And, Jeannette my paternal grandmother married an electrician and had three children. Then, one day, my mother, who dreamed of freedom, left the country to live in the city. She met my father. And then, one day I was born. It's the tree of my life.

I am feminist and I think the important thing is that each person follows their dreams and should not be afraid to live.

My grandmothers were surely a bit of witches to make a crossing of about sixty days at sea. Without my ancestors, I would not exist. I dedicate my drawing to them. 

Farnoush Doroudgar
Instagram :  frnoosh.aryan
"The Metamorphosis"

Claudia Gorena
Instagram : clau.gorena

Open the cage to feel the fire that can never be extinguished, we are the present that is awakening and we will be the future of freedom, together.
“Tibetan Child”

During a trip to Tibet, I wandered through the villages, randomly meeting people. Among a group of kids, this girl of about ten or eleven, quietly stood behind others. Her short hair, bright and curious eyes caught my attention. The sun burned skin and dirty clothes showed that most of the time she stayed outdoors. I hope that she gets the same opportunities just as the children in the developed regions. Her inquiring eyes seemed to contain a hope for the future.

Nicola Heim
Instagram : haymwerk
'Die Mägde erheben sich' 

Uns, die wir eure Söhne und Töchter gebären,
in deren Schoss ihr den Samen der Gewissheit pflanzt,
dass er wachsen wird – dass alles euch nährt,
dass die Milch fließt und die Brunnen - ewiglich.
Uns habt ihr zu Mägden gemacht.

In den heiligen Nächten künden sie davon, die Feuer
der Scheiterhaufen
und das zarte Grün, das im Herbst von der ewigen Wiedergeburt kündet,
das Zarte, es brennt.
Und die Mägde erheben sich,
aus den Feuern
wie Fackeln fahren sie durch den Boden,
dass alles verdorrt

Die Mägde erheben sich
lassen das Eis schmelzen,
die Wasser versiegen
den Schoss ermatten.
Die Mägde erheben sich aus der Asche der Angst,
mit leuchtenden Häuptern.
Und der Orkan ihre Stimmen rauscht
über den heiligen Berg:  
Wir sind der Wandel.

Monique Ilsink
Instagram : ilsinkmb
"My hands with my motherhands" (she passed away in 2012)

Never Give Up
Work for peace
in your heart and in the world
Never give up
No matter what is happening
No matter what is going around you
The Dalai Lama

Nina K. Schmid
Instagram : ninakatrina9010
I love painting women showing both the beauty of their strength and vulnerability. My goal is to encourage all women: everything we seek is inside of us, we can grow from all experiences, we can bloom.

Instagram : nur.k.art
"We Can Do It"

Livia Maria
Instragram : mareaart

" We resist and exist regardless of time "

Su Moon
Instagram : suismoon
i am a witch, will you burn my soul to
keep your charred egos
i am a bitch, will you silence me to
guard your bubbles of fortress
dare me
i am the witch that can’t be burned
free me
i am the bitch that can’t be stopped
i am here to shatter your glass ceiling
of a decaying castle
built on water before the storm

Instagram : tatimoura.art
Woman: Ancestry, Resistance and Strength
"My past is the reference that projects me and that I must overcome.
Therefore, to my past, I owe my knowledge and my ignorance, my needs, my relationships, my culture and my body.
Today, what space does my past leave for my freedom today? I'm not his slave".

Simone de Beauvoir

Carole Pueo
Instagram : carolepueo
"Great granddaughter of a witch"

Lena Rising
Instagram : lenarising
"Running the Gauntlet"

In a few, very fortunate parts of the world, equality has gained massive ground. So much so that we can be lulled into a sense of complacency, as if inequality has been eradicated. I wanted this piece to symbolise how the very fabric of society, our faceless and impersonal institutions, are at their core male constructs permeated by the legacy of patriarchy, and for women this often means facing an uphill battle in so many areas of life.

Alice Rudolf
Instagram : alice.rudolf
A witch is a woman in her power. Historically the word witch was a tool to silence and control her.
But witch hunts are not a historic problem only. They exist in the present and are still a means to get rid of women who have become too independent or are no longer of use. This must stop.


Unfortunately, the world has never been a wonderful place; war and peace, ignorance and wisdom have been side by side. An honest, open-minded, intelligent woman, Hypatia was the last scientist of the ancient world.  She still leads many women with her character and works. I'm sure she's smiling from where she is, and she's helping an olive tree grow...

Kirsten Schaap
Instagram : kirsketchbook
"Expiration Date”

It is  incomprehensible to me that in 2022 we still need to discuss equality, gender prejudice and abuse.
This piece is about being raised in a society that tells women to meet specific standards, to be cloned to each other and to not be different and unique."

Carolyn Sehgal
Instagram : carlynsehgal

To women of the world who have to juggle it all; know that we see you and that you are a wonderful superwomen for all that you do and juggle in a day.

Stille Skygger
Instagram : stilleskyggerart

"Salem and beyond"

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a woman in black robe, who jumps on her broom with a black cat sitting behind her? It is possible that you answered "witch". What was it like in the 16th century? Tales, myths, stories... What is the place in history of these women with supernatural abilities, about whom we can find thousands of things about them? 
A "Witchcraft Craze" began in Europe between 1350 and 1780. This balance sheet was heavy, with an estimate of around 50,000. History has shown us people who burned witches because they were afraid of them. But it does not tell us why we should fear those who burn them. It can't be ruled out. We read these stories with such concentration that we do not think that what we should be afraid of is that we should stay away from these people who caused this obvious tragedy that sends a person to burn alive.
Whether with fire or iron, ages change, civilization develops, but the balance sheet never changes. How we see Salem's witches tells us more about the present than the past.
It would be more appropriate to say "we do not forgive, we cannot forgive" by trying to stay away from the cliché "We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn. We have not forgotten, we will not forget.".

Lena Snow
Instagram : janagoddessarts

The artworks within the "Planetary Series" are all about otherness and female identity. The titles suggest that the women in the centre are all alien, but their shapes are very human-like and familiar. What I want to depict is something familiar unfamiliar the viewer should find intriguing, interesting and wants to learn more about. Otherness is not something to be afraid of, but it is an important part of our life that makes our world colourful, fascinating and worth exploring – just like space.
"We are the witches of our time"

The patriarchy has tried to burn us, tried to humiliate us and tried to crush us.

Their imprint of violence and repression marks our bodies and souls, but we have survived and grown stronger from it and together we will not stand for it any longer.

We are the witches of our time and we burn with passion.

Elaine Woo MacGregor
Instagram : elaine_w_macgregor

"Leaving for Party"

My latest work is a series of figurative and narrative paintings. With portraits, I am drawn to capturing expressions with a quality of psychological intimacy. My subjects are people in my personal life, affording me the opportunity to observe, interpret and mediate their natural demeanour. 

My experiences in motherhood has influenced my sketchbook work and subject matter. However, I am not interested in creating sentimental art, but capturing a force and dynamism within a world of childhood. 

We are the grandaughter's of witches you couldn't burn