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Welcome to the Park / La Lettura #534
La Lettura, Il Corriere della Sera 
Welcome to the park!
Yellowstone National Park
and other protected areas around the world
/ February 20, 2022 

This visual data explores the topic of National Parks around the world. The size of the circles indicated the total number of national protected areas in the country. Colours shows the world area where the park is. Countries are disposed on the x axis according to the year of institution of their first national park. On the left-bottom corner a focus on Yellowstone National Park, the first park in the world- opened 150 years ago on march 1st 1872 across 3 states (Wyoming, Idaho and Montana). It's also home to Yogi Bear and his inseparable friend, Bubu. 

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Welcome to the Park / La Lettura #534
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Giulia De Amicis