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Redesign 2010
Was contracted as an independent consultant to create a new aesthetic and experience for They where met with great response by the 35 global heads of Sony.  These are the final outcomes of that project. 

Visual Language:

Homepage objective was to showcase featured content in a lean back experience. Users can access all featured content via “featured button” to jump ahead.  The comps below show how various products and content would be displayed. The lean-back approach was to allow for users to casually see the entire breathe of Sony's product offerings.
In this experience user had the option of clicking the “search” icon or simply begin typing, which would spawn a search mode (search bar would disclose).  As user types in there search term the content would change, a more visual suggestive search would disclose dynamically. 
Homepage Video Player:
Shown below is how video demo's for new products would be experienced. In keeping with the minimal approach the player controls where designed to be unobtrusive.
Viao LaptopPersonalizer:
Was a concept where users could customize the look of there Vaio laptop. Allowing them to share and see other people’s designs.  Facebook  or twitter testimonials by designers and friends you follow adds a touch of  personalization to the overall experience.
Product Page Design:
Nothing much to say...Thinking of redesigning...
Preliminary Designs:
These where quick design comps (like 2 hours design ideas) to vet the final visual language.