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    This is a crowdfounding project! In order to realise a comics / illustration book. https://www.facebook.com/lencreblanche1
Katarakt! is an ambitious project, between comic strips and illustrative book, in a crazy fantastic universe.
It will be printed in A5 format, and will be 150 pages long. It’s going to be a beautiful object, entirely made by our little hands. Our first motivation for this project comes from the freedom of Katarakt!’s world ; as rich as eccentric, it gives us the opportunity to make something unique, easy to handle, light and referenced. We’ve been inspired by all the things we love: from some popular material (animation, video games, comic books, contemporary art), to some personal and intimate one.
So Katarakt! will consist of four different stories that will take place in the same world and at the same time. Therefore, we want to create consistency while maintaining our graphics identities, and our own kind of poetry.
You can reserv your pack here!