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Edições DIGGIN' | Número Um — A Palavra

Words do not live in dictionaries,
they live in the mind.
Edições DIGGIN' is a self-publishing project that strives to create responsible documents, when it comes to content and design. This means that in each and every publication, the contents dictate the form, and never otherwise.

This is Issue One, an homage to one of the Human Being’s primary tools: The Word.
'Ao isolar as Palavras em ambientes selectos, profissionais,
populares ou bandalhos, o Homem impede o crescimento
de uma nova linguagem de respeito pelo significado,
pela natureza, pela evolução e, principalmente, pela democracia.'
Chapter I
The Written Word Remains

Over the past year, Porto's public space has been suffering through major censorship, on account of the city's authority, targeting all urban graphic communication that doesn’t rent that so-called public space.
As a consequence, the city walls have remained an immaculate white, no matter how hard writers, street artists or legal institutions try to use them to communicate. There is no room for posters, stencil, tags or graffiti on the streets, as they are removed or painted over almost immediately. Nothing remains.

To spread the message of Issue One, we went to the street that was once the heart of graphic communication of Porto - Avenida de França - and, on the freshly painted white wall, we placed a sentence that carries the meaning we are trying to convey. Originated in Ancient Rome, ‘Littera Scripta Manet’ means ‘The Written Word Remains’ — ‘A Palavra Escrita Permanece’.
'They believe that one word is as good as another;
uneducated words are as good as educated words,
uncultivated words as cultivated words,
there are no ranks or titles in their society.'
Chapter II
The Word is a Relic par Excellence

To promote the publication’s launch, we brought together the graphic intervention on Avenida de França and the Issue’s graphic composition. By stencilling the information of the launch party on the wasted prints and using them as posters, we spread the word throughout the city.
‘A leitura — a leitura responsável — é mais do que a mera
decifração de um código visual em som. É mais do que
uma ferramenta utilitária do ser Humano — pois deve
inscrever-se na própria força vital do indivíduo.’
Chapter III
The Word

For the final work, we paid an hommage to the piece of writing that kick-started the whole project - an excerpt from Virginia Woolf’s ‘Craftsmanship’. This text runs throughout the entire publication, from cover to cover,  intertwined with the main text. It is both its beginning and its ending. This way, the reader mixes the two texts, creating new meanings, new connections. 
The text is set fluidly, mirroring a recording by the author from 1937. We set out to encourage a thoughtful and dedicated reading, commanding the reader's full atention and commitment.
Text: João Jesus
Inspiration text: Excerpt from 'Craftsmanship' of VIrginia Woolf
Text revision: Joana Almeida and Miguel Moura
Art Direction: João Jesus
Graphic Design: João Brandão Ferreira
Video editing: João Brandão Ferreira
Camera: Alexandra Santos, André Carvalho, Carlos Borges
Acknowledgements: Alexandra Santos, Álvaro Martino, Ana 'Types Type' Areias, André Constante Carvalho, António Arriscado Medanha, Carlos Borges, Fábio Barros, Filipa 'Ring Ding Dong' Almeida, Joana Ranito, João 'Tae' Castro
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Edições DIGGIN' | Número Um — A Palavra

Edições DIGGIN' | Número Um — A Palavra

Edições DIGGIN' | Número Um: A Palavra