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    The Story of the product is a complicated one. The taste is simple - is perfect!
AGIL is one of the most important players on the cold meats market from Romania.
A vast business with over 300 employees, a modern factory in Timișoara and over 30 owned stores, AGIL is known today as the traditional Romanian cold meat producer, especially in the western part of Romania. In time, AGIL has perfected many recipes, one of these recipes is the Sibiu Premium Salami.
When AGIL first asked us to give this product a boost, we didn’t know we were heading for a 100 years old story. Produced and sold by several cold meat producers from Romania, the Sibiu Salami is a premium, high priced salami much appreciated by consumers.
We began with discussing the management’s objectives and expectations for the project, followed by the gathering of useful information about the product.
Than we got acquainted with the interesting story of the salami, its birth and its voyage through time.
An elegant, exclusive personality and a tangled, time worn story, have surfaced after a careful look at the Sibiu Premium Salami’s history.
We brought the product to life through a new visual identity, a new verbal identity and through a story narrated as such a product deserves.
The creative mind of our team really made the brand speak out through the concept of the “salami tied in a knot”. This was the core of the brand – the product’s exclusive personality and tangled story – all skillfully expressed through one great image.
The main message of the brand completed the brand’s voice: “It’s story is tangled, its taste is simple, it’s perfect!”
An advertising campaign was developed with its focus on sharing the interesting story of the salami and engaging people in the salami’s fairy tale.
We developed advertising materials for the most relevant channels: online channels (AGIL website and Facebook page) and printed materials posted in stores and all over the city (big sized billboards and posters).