Original logo of The Egalitarian - Official Student Publication of The College Department
Created by Jae Aquino on January 1, 2011
The Egalitarian Volume X was inspired by Apple's skeuomorphic design philosophy
100 Weapons of Academic Distinction
Written & Layout by Jae Aquino
Killer PC Apps & A Sound Way to Hack Your Brain
Written & Photomanipulated by Jae Aquino
Models: Plenkylor Petil (Left) and Sheika Jamela Dorotheo (Right)
Thoughts on graduating
Written by Jae Aquino
Killer Tips from the Pros
Written by Jae Aquino and Leandrea Gonzales
Layout by Jae Aquino
Nine Days: A Salesio Delegate's Notebook
Written by Marwell Bernal
Layout by Marco Masangcay
Photo & Layout by Marco Masangcay