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Food and Beverage Packaging


AIGA Centennial Celebration Beers
Three designs created to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the American Institute of Graphic Art, the premier professional graphic design organization in the United States, as part of  
a 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall exhibit

Capucello is an imported cappuccino liqueur from the Netherlands in a unique bell shaped bottle. The available space for the label required it to fit the existing bottle shape in a natural, unforced manner while fulfilling its mission of giving the product the required upscale look. The neck band design and cap are also revisions to the originals which were more generic and stock in appearance.


Redesign of labeling, bottles and four-pack for a range of an existing drink produced by the Seagram's Corporation. It originally came in a clear glass bottle and was being mistaken for a non-alcoholic beverage.
In response to this, i was asked by Seagram's marketing affiliate to design packaging that would more prominently call out the product's alcoholic nature. To this end, I redesigned the bottle shape, labeling and neckband and gave the glass a frosted finish. For the labeling and graphic image of the four-pack, I included metallic foil and created calligraphy for the product name that was both spirited and less child-like than the original. The Seagram's name was given more prominence. The graphic on the four-pack points up the social atmosphere in which the beverage is intended to be enjoyed.

Seeds of Change Pasta Sauce
Seeds of Change is a marketer of certified organic foods. The design concepts seen here were created to market a line of pasta sauces to the British market. Seeds of Change also provides organically grown seeds to gardeners and farmers around the world. The symbol on the lid is a mandala known as the Seed of Life.

Frito Lay Salsa
Labeling and lid design created to impart a sense of fun and authenticity to a popular range of  salsa dip for Frito-lay Division of Pepsico
Healthy Choice Sliced Meats
Two concepts for convenient, re-sealable packages for sliced deli meats which were part of a campaign to make the consumer aware of both the fine flavor and healthful benefits of 97% fat free lunchtime favorites.
The upper concept utilizes colorful "ribbons" of type, while the lower concept alludes to the carving board to emphasize the fresh-sliced aspect of the products.

Ethel M Deluxe Chocolate Packaging
Ethel M Chocolates are produced by a division of M&M/Mars and are primarily available at luxury hotels in Las Vegas. The name of the product refers to Ethel Mars, wife of Walter Mars, founder of the company. These packages are but two of an extensive product line.
Kespri is a new product created by Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is meant to be taken twice a day. The packaging structure and graphics reflect the natural fruit content of the product and its waistline-reducing attributes. The center package design is for a two-compartment bottle to contain the morning and evening dietary supplements. Each part of this bottle has its own flip-up cap beneath the transparent overcap.
Food and Beverage Packaging