MTN DEW 'Tastenosis'
3D Motion
After Effects
'Taste and Refreshing'
How do we visualize the experience of taking a sip of all the hypnotic flavors of MTN DEW? How about a series of mind-expanding, multidimensional journeys, through the most thirst-quenching icy refreshment? 

We teamed up with Motive and Garage Inc. to create a series of short films that capture the essence of exactly that. Effervescent liquid explosions, bone-chilling ice shards, hypnotically dancing MTN DEW bottles, throwing a live-action tornado of liquid spritz into the mix, and voila! We have the perfect recipe for Tastenosis - a hypnotic experience that will certainly open the third eye you didn't even know you had!
"We put our creative and technical minds together to fire up all cylinders, from animation to VFX and live action, carefully marrying the liquids across different mediums to capture the effervescence of MTN DEW's flavors."
"Tiny droplets that contain whole universes of refreshing ice chunks and bottles of DEW –Kaleidoscopic compositions, constantly unfolding and flowing."
"Basically, it's not recommended to operate heavy equipment while entranced by Tastenosis."
Behind the Scenes
Design & Animation: Scholar
Creative Director: William Campbell, Sean Martin
Art Director: Vin Kim
Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin
Sr Producer: Nakia Cooper
CG Supervisor: Brice Linane
Designers: Macauley Johnson, Vin Kim, Jina Kwon, Wu Hyun Lew, Kirt Critoph, Sam Davidson, Javier Tommasi, Isaac Taracks
Model/Texture Artists: Liam Elias, Eddy Estevez, Olivia Trotter
3D Animators: Ryan Kaplan, Vin Kim, Ren Chen, Kirt Critoph, Sam Davidson, Jeffrey Jip Jeong, Michael Jones, Jay Kim, Manuel Riedl, Craig Stouffer
Lighters: Lucas Georgescu, Orges Kokoshari, Kevin Lu, Timur Salikov
Dynamics/FX: Tim Hayward, Vin Kim, Mahmoud Elregheb, Oyekunle Jegede, Timur Salikov, Erik Zimmerman
Compositors: Dae Kang, Austin Brown, Fuchun Chu, Cris Kong, Rachel Moon, Rich Pernice
Flame Artist:  Ryan Kaplan, Matt Lavoy
Editor: Chad Carbone
Assistant Editor: Aaron Pryka
Telecine:  RCO
Colorist: Seth Ricart
Mix & Sound Design: Lime Studios, Santa Monica

Production Company: The Garage
Director of Photography: Steve Giralt
Producer: Halie Graham

Agency: Motive
MTN DEW 'Tastenosis'