Morgan Freeman Bed Time - The best time to go to bed
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    Design and web development of Morgan Freeman Bed Time website. Since the logo to the Facebook page.
Morgan Freeman Bed Time is a simple sleep cycle calculator website made with Wordpress. Made for fun and to promote my work, I decided to use Morgan Freeman as the face of the project.
Who better than Morgan Freeman to tell your bedtime hour?
The Logo
The very first thing I designed was the logo. I wanted something that could be made into a wallpaper and since it was for fun I wanted to experiment a new design style.
I'm experimenting Sketch and wanted to see how far and how fast I could go with it.
The Website
Calculator form works in a very simple way.
The results are displayed in diferent colors. From green to orange and it shows 4 diferent hours to go to bed.
The website was made from scratch with Wordpress and designed in the Sketch app.
It's very simple to understand that the website only has 1 principal function and it's showed in the middle with the yellow color to focus on the select buttons.
I wanted something that everyone could understand in the first 5 seconds.
The Facebook Page
I also created a Facebook Page to share the page and to try my social skills. Since then I been doing some artworks for the page to engage the audience.
Morgan Freeman already knows at what time is going to bed. And you?
Morgan Freeman is going out too! He don't know where, but he already knows at what time he's going to wake up.
Wallpaper Evolution
Morgan Freeman Journey Wallpaper
I know that this days a wallpaper it's not the best promotional tool but I really wanted to explore the illustration style I was working on. To add some value to the wallpaper I added a clock with 3 diferent colors to make it easy for you to calculate your bedtime hour.
Check the high-res image and download the wallpaper here.
I really hope that you liked and thank you for watching!
Comments and critics are always appreciated.
and don't forget to visit Morgan Freeman Bed Time before you go to bed!