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Getthat Classifieds Website

Getthat Classifieds Website

​​​​​​​ is a classifieds website by Gulf News. It has the following main sections - Property for Rent, Property for Sale, Autos, Jobs and Classifieds.
Project scope

The team created the website from scratch. Everything was done new - from the branding, web design, front-end/back-end implementation.

Key objectives: Create a classifieds site that has a look and feel that is slightly different from what is already out there in the market.


I was the lead designer for the project. I researched and gathered references from classifieds site locally, and internationally.I created the wireframes, and presented it to our stakeholders within the team and to a bigger audience.

I designed the landing pages for Jobseekers, as well as the main homepage of the website.


‍Most classifieds website we saw were either too plain looking, so we opted to use a sans serif font that has a bit of character. That is why we chose Open Sans.

‍The colors where derived from a lighter blue - to have a touch of corporate, but still having fun. We introduced a secondary color which is purple to give some contrast.

The spacing for the site is mixed. There are parts where it is detailed and tight - to show more information - like in the Profile / Dashboard parts or the cards for the jobseekers. But there are also parts where we give a bit of breathing room and used large font sizes. This is found on the landing page where they serve as "marketing" style pages.

The overall idea of the site is a balance of about 30% corporate and 70% fresh and new. Hence the light blue and occasional use of gradients. We have used iconography also which is two-toned when referencing the main verticals of the site, but we have one-tone icons when in simplified parts.

I also created print ads and social media posts in multiple campaigns - for CV Download, CV services and other new features/products. 
Getthat Classifieds Website


Getthat Classifieds Website