Personal drawings - cartoon ish
A random selection of some drawings I did in my old sketch books and other on others supports. These examples are not done for any job or client but for my own enjoyment.
One of the ramdoms sketch I did in spare papers. Sometimes you draw something quickly and you like it for no reason!
Colour pencils on yellow coloured paper
Fat and thin face. I always liked the contrasts, big and small, happy and sad, calm and violent...
Pencil, pen and white watercolour over coloured paper
This is just a cool guy who we could say is a pick up artist.
Black pen on paper.
The chicken rider. I like birds and this one is so cool on his motorbike.
Pencil and markers on paper.
On this one I played with a mesh to experiment with its proportions. I painted it on a mural so it ended up covered on paint.
Pencil on paper.
I like using colours. I experimented here mixing all colours while using a number of tecniques.
Pen, markers and pencils on paper.
OK, by now you should be aware I solidarize with other kinds of fowl. This one deserved a hut so I drawn one on his head.
Colour pencil on yellow coloured paper.
I like using and experimenting with different techniques. I coloured this aviator with dots inspired on pointillism.
Colour markers over paper.
I kept the tradition of making a drawing in relevant places of my life. I drawn this one during my course of body works, where I learnt plenty of techniques to prepare surfaces and to paint.
Colour pencil on paper.
This is done while the orange harvesting in my home town.
Pencils on paper.
That was my desktop. For some time I used to draw spaces and situations trying to reflect them without being to perfectionist.
Black marker on recycled paper.
Another friendly bird.
False etching (not sure about the translation.
It's interesting to show this drawing. This device is quite common in Spain. It's the piece you need to attach to the gas cylinder in order to be able to warm the water. I haven't seen one in Britain yet so it might look to you like something completely misterious!
Colour pencils on paper.
Personal drawings - cartoon ish

Personal drawings - cartoon ish

A selection of some drawings on a more cartoon style I've been doing on the past.
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