I giorni rubati
Credo che uno degli aspetti della vita che più è stato stravolto e riformulato dall'inizio della pandemia, anche a propria insaputa, sia il tempo. Per scegliere il titolo di questo progetto ho riflettuto sul valore che ognuno dà al proprio tempo, sulla tendenza a rincorrerlo nel tentativo di soggiogarlo e di come questo scorra indipendentemente dalla propria volontà. Ma in realtà se ripenso a marzo 2020 l'unica sensazione che rimane è quella di essere stato derubato del mio tempo, ecco perché ho scelto di intitolare questo progetto "I giorni rubati".

I believe that one of the aspects of life that has been most distorted and reformulated since the beginning of the pandemic, even without one's knowledge, is time. To choose the title of this project, I reflected on the value that everyone gives to their time, on the tendency to chase it in an attempt to subjugate it and how it flows independently of one's will. But in reality, if I think back to March 2020, the only feeling left is that of having been robbed of my time, which is why I chose to title this project "The stolen days".

February 2, 2020
World palindrome date.
All over the world this date can be read in both senses, a rare event that has not happened for over nine hundred years and which unites the populations of all the states of the world. On the same day in Wuhan, China, a hospital built in just ten days and with a thousand beds was inaugurated to make up for the lack of intensive care. No one at that moment would have imagined that beyond that date there would be another event that would soon involve the whole world.
7 March 2020, 7:35 pm
Meanwhile in Italy there are sudents who are preparing to celebrate their graduation or those who return home after a day of work.
There are also those who stayed in bed all day to relax after a busy week, unaware that this would be the last chance to live a "normal" day.
April 7, 2020, Isolation
A month has passed since the beginning of quarantine, some people find time for their family, dust off old passions or discover new ones, finally they can devote more time to themselves. For a few days some words have begun to creep in and resonate in anyone's mind, you hear them on TV, read them on social media and even looking out the window of your house you can see a neighbor hanging a banner on the balcony railing with the phrase written on it: "Everything will be fine".
“Fine for whom?” Some ask.
By repeating this mantra as a sort of spell, many begin to feel the first blows of isolation, aware of the beginning of their ordeal.
Days, weeks go by and time seems to no longer flow as before, often slows down and at other times it seems to escape. We remain suspended as in limbo, with the hope that time will pass quickly and take away the virus and fear.
Now that the Internet remains the only open window on the world, we realize all those moments of past life stolen from social networks and the walls that were once only imaginary take the shape of your own room.
... Away from loved ones ...
... Or too close to the people you once thought you loved ...
... Looking for an escape to be able to breathe again.
Absolute silence reigns in the streets.
Everything appears alienating and surreal, like in a post-apocalyptic film.
A few cars wander around the semi-deserted city, while some wild animals peek through the streets, no longer frightened by the presence of man.
Watching TV, reading articles or talking to friends and family, we realize that even the language is changing.
The mask is no longer just a disguise, but a necessity.
The house becomes your refuge, the only place where you can stay safe, as in an impregnable fortress, that could soon become a trap from which it is difficult to break free.
I scroll through the phone gallery as I sink between the sofa, a thousand thoughts and a sea of not too distant memories.
I feel robbed of my days, I try to imagine the future but I can't, I ask myself questions without finding the answers.
In the meantime, the darkness has absorbed every corner of the house, obscuring my thoughts and dragging me away with it.
Progetto realizzato durante il corso di Illustrazione presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata.
I giorni rubati

I giorni rubati

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