A Car Adventure
A plunge into the world of vehicles
When I started doing 3d about 3 years ago I thought that it is the perfect tool for expressing myself. However, yet only in the beginning I found myself quite limited by my own lack of knowledge of the software. I was unable to make my ideas come true and at one point I was even afraid to start them because I thought I wouldn't be competent enough to accomplish them. Of course, this is nothing new...

I decided that I have to practice quite a lot before I actually start doing some really creative projects. First thing people usually begin with in 3d is modeling and that's where I started as well. I was never fond of making characters, my passion were the environments. That's why I found that modeling cars was quite a good exercise for learning new techniques and understanding right topology.

This project basically represents a series of exercises that I've made in order to improve my skills and finally be able to do the things I truly wanted. However, I can't really say that this wasn't fun and that's why I never left those models as unfinished pieces - on the contrary, I've tried to get the most of every and each one of them.
Just a Clean Ride

One of the first vehicles I've created. It has too many flaws to be even mentioned but I still keep it as a portfolio piece and as a reminder of where I was when I started.
Into the Flaming Sunset

I'm really glad that I stumbled upon this car and decided to model it at some point. I'm glad and happy because while searching for references for it I was inspired to make the following project.
The Sleeping Beauties

The Sleeping Beauties were inspired by a series of photos taken by H. Hesselmann. There is a story behind these cars of course. There were many of them including Bugattis, Ferraris, Lancias and many more who were left in sheds or in the open outside for years and years. It's quite a big collection owned by Michel Dovaz who supposedly didn't care much about it. There are even two books for these cars already published - one in the 80s and one in more recent times. When I saw the photos I loved the atmosphere, these old beautiful cars and what time and nature did to them.
Bugatti T57 Ventoux

A quick studio setup made in order to create a really short animation for my showreel.
The Chevi

This is the only car I've made for a client, in this case for One Dead Pixel. It was supposed to go in a shortfilm for a bank heist but in the end the project was put on hold... Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with it since I've spent quite some time to figure out the whole interior including the trunk. Maybe I should get it out of the studio and put it in a proper environment...
The Getaway Vehicle
“Things didn’t go that smooth with this one, ah, babe? You’re shot? Nah, that’s just a scratch, get over it… Show me my money, already, and go clean yourself.”

This was again a try at getting the most of a model and I've made another scene with the Bugatti I've used in "The Sleeping Beauties". I wanted to implement some kind of story and I hope I've managed to tell it well enough.