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NEXSYS Launch Video for Middle Atlantic/Legrand AV
In anticipation of its biggest product launch in recent history, Legrand’s Middle Atlantic have commissioned our team to create a video showcase for NEXSYS - the next-gen AV Power Distribution and Backup system. Using the marketing assets made by Transparent House, NEXSYS won the industry’s Best of Show award at InfoComm`22 expo.

An engaging challenge was learning that the NEXSYS technically consists of two devices. While the Power Distribution Unit and Uninterruptible Power Supply perform distinct functions, they work together seamlessly as a single system.  To address this, we devised a custom creative technique to treat the story, visuals, and music in two parts, which form a single united solution, just as NEXSYS does.

Visually, our goal was to demonstrate the complete mastery over power-supply issues which Middle Atlantic provides through its patented, industry-leading solutions, as well as their scalability. Using a combination of photorealistic computer-generated elements and cutting-edge effects, Transparent House rendered the NEXSYS and related components in a hybrid, high-tech world
epitomizing the Middle Atlantic Products tagline: “What great systems are built on”.

“NEXSYS is the biggest product launch for Middle Atlantic in over a decade so I was really looking to make an immediate and memorable impact with our customers. I wanted to create a story that captivated our customers and created a sense of sheer excitement while showing the cohesive design and comprehensive portfolio of NEXSYS. Transparent House took my vision from a few conversations and a ‘napkin sketch’ and turned it into something beyond my imagination. The process of development was so smooth and the team was very transparent (no pun intended) every step of the way. Transparent House’s creativity, attention to detail and quality of work is nothing short of amazing! Lastly, audio is just as important, if not more important, as the visuals for a video and Transparent House scored an original audio track that will give you goosebumps, go ahead and watch the video and see for yourself!”

Patrick Kittredge, CTS 
Product Marketing Manager, Middle Atlantic Products
Legrand | AV

Key Visuals

Creative Development


Client: Middle Atlantic / Legrand
Creative Production Agency: Transparent House, Inc.
Sound Design & Music: Transparent House, Inc. 
Executive Producer:  Denis Krylov
Head Of Production:  Michael Shatilov
Line Producer:  Cameron Rosinski 

NEXSYS Launch Video