Salon Promotional Pieces
These are promotional pieces for The Edge, an urban salon.  I wanted to find new and interesting ways of promoting this business. I wanted to get away from  the traditional flyer and coupon set you would receive in the mail.  This Salon is edgy and all about style and the promotional pieces needed to showcase their unique attributes.  

The first promotional piece plays off the old idea of wearing a paper bag when you have a horrible haircut and you can't stand to be seen with it.  The idea is that you would go to the salon to get a haircut and you would pick up this promo piece and give it to a friend "in need" of some dire help in the hair department.  If they brought back the bag to the salon they would receive 20% off their haircut.  

The second promotional piece is a self mailer postcard.  The front is made to look like a bingo card.  Instead of numbers I used hair mishap icons.  The back explains that recipient is receiving this postcard because they have had every bad haircut in the book and it's time for some help from The Edge.