CLRS in situ is an independently published periodical to share an in situ artwork at a chosen underrepresented landscape. Volume 1 used the natural features of Kalkoennes, near Cape Town, South Africa, as inspiration and setting that limited us only by what we could physically pull off. Planning what we could, the rest open to experimentation and possible catastrophe, the exhibition documented our process and its eventual result in publication, print, video and food.
Publication and Installation
The column of orange fabric was raised to a height of approximately 50m into the air between the cliffs. To raise the column, two 200m reels of rope were dropped from two opposing points at the top of the precipice, then attached to a dowel connected to the end of the reel of fabric on the ground. The top end of one of the ropes was secured at the top of the cliff and the column was then hoisted from the second.
Promotion and Exhibition
The process was documented and formed the content of the resulting publication. To launch the publication we hosted an exhibition at our studio in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. A series of lithographic posters inspired by elements of the project were made to support the publication in the exhibition, employing photography, pen and ink drawing, collage and photographed scupture for the making of the designs. Included in the show was a stamp and linocut series where visitors could make their own prints.
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by CLRS&Co. Studio: Marcii Goose, Dale Lawrence, Claire Johnson, Franco Fernandes, Christine Joubert, Mareli Esterhuizen, Ethne Mudge and Bruce Mackay, in collaboration with Robert Nicholls, Michael Lumby and Maria Stemmet.
CLRS In Situ: Kalkoennes