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LUKOWA Drones | Brand Identity

Creative Fields
Logo & Identity, Art Direction, Advertising Material, Packaging, Web Design, Photo Editing

Project Background
LUKOWA Drones is a conceptual part of the LUKOWA Group company and aims to manufacture and launch a line of drones. LUKOWA Group is a food, technology, and real estate conglomerate. With uncompromising speed and efficiency, they deliver superior products and highly reliable services to market‐leading clients and partners worldwide.

Challenge & Mission
For the line of drones, it is necessary to design packages, as well as other graphic elements that need to be applied to the device itself. The direction to be followed is the already existing visual identity of the LUKOWA Group corporation, and the colors from the brand guidelines should not be deviated from.

Since the company already has a freshly designed and contemporary visual identity, and several industries with their own logotype, a logo for drones has been designed to match the style of the existing ones that are already a part of the LUKOWA Group.

Responsive Logo
A responsive version of the logo has also been made to make it more adaptable to smaller dimensions. Simplicity makes this version more memorable and prominent, so it is applied to devices, packaging, and other materials. The full version is used exclusively as an addition, in situations where it is possible to include both logos.

Graphic Elements
A quarter of a circle and a line are already an existing graphic elements of the company, of which the initial letter L of the logo consists. By changing their rotation, symbols were designed that depict each branch in the form of its activities, and according to that, a symbol was created that best illustrates the line of drones, using the same elements.

Since each corporation within the LUKOWA Group has its slogan, in addition to the universal – Excellence Everywhere, the one was assigned to the drone line as well, which reads "We capture — Your memories in the sky".

Color Palette
Considering the company assigns a different color from its palette to each subsidiary, and as it was forbidden to deviate from the existing colors, red (LUKOWA Red) was chosen as the accent color for the drone line. The inspiration was raspberries, which are the main and initial subsidiary of the LUKOWA corporation, and the motive for this choice is the psychology of red. It is well-known that red attracts the most attention and is associated with strong emotions such as passion, strength, excitement, and energy.

By researching the market, it was concluded that this color would be the most influential for the drone line. In addition to accent red, the primary color is muted black (LUKOWA Black). Two secondary colors were also chosen – grey (LUKOWA Grey) and white (LUKOWA White). Given that the Real Estate subsidiary already uses red, it would potentially switch to neutral (gray or black), as it is more in line with such an activity, as is the case with red in terms of drones.

The font family that LUKOWA already uses is GT Haptik, which has been applied in this concept as well. All existing weights are in use according to different situations, and those are: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black.​​​​​​​


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LUKOWA Drones | Brand Identity


LUKOWA Drones | Brand Identity

LUKOWA Drones is a conceptual part of the LUKOWA Group company and aims to manufacture and launch a line of drones. LUKOWA Group is a food, techn Read More