What is the future for Google Glass? Will they be restricted to expensive, trendy status symbols or can they be used for something more? 
Berkeley Innovation, an undergraduate human-centered design club at UC Berkeley that I am involved in was approached by Accenture Technology Labs with exploring this question. From identifying product strengths and weaknesses and brainstorming potential use cases in various industries, our team decided to focus on how Google Glass could be re-tasked for Law Enforcement. 
Preliminary Research 
Identifying Glass' strengths, weaknesses, and unique product features from other wearable devices. 
Some examples from braistormed sessions on potential use cases for various industries.
Infographics illustrating our steps through the user-centered design process. 
Final Deliverable 
Our final presentation, as delivered to Accenture Technology Labs executives at their office in San Jose. 
Re-tasking Google Glass for Law Enforcement