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    The final project from my dissertation: An Investigation into the Transferral of Established Characters from 2D to 3D
Ursula Reimagining
2D to 3D character transferral
In recent years there has been a trend into creating live action or 3D films based on cartoons, comics and graphic novels. My dissertation explored the ways in which a successful 2D to 3D transfer is completed, and how people recognise the transformed characters. Research was completed into recognition, the creation of hybrid films and modelling techniques. The information gained from the research was utilised in the creation of a 3D character based on an established and recognisable 2D character, using standard industry technology and industry forums for feedback and testing. The conclusions drawn showed that a successful 2D to 3D conversion is possible, even where the converted character is not entirely photorealistic.
3Ds Max was used for basemesh creation, zBrush was used for sculpting and texturing.