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    “Wrong is the new right”, “Break the pat­tern to cre­ate a new one”, “Now is just right now”, “The se­cret of hap­pi­ness is…” are so­cially crit… Read More
    “Wrong is the new right”, “Break the pat­tern to cre­ate a new one”, “Now is just right now”, “The se­cret of hap­pi­ness is…” are so­cially crit­i­cal state­ments, con­cep­tual word-plays and also ap­peal as tex­tual frag­ments and quotes to be found as posters on house walls, pic­tures in printed me­dia and even on hu­man bod­ies in the form of tat­toos. Frag­ments from con­nected texts, of a tex­tual whole, the whole re­main­ing hid­den from the re­cip­i­ents. With the pro­ject ‘To Say It’, var­i­ous par­tic­i­pants di­rect their ap­peal to read­ers. Away from the le­git­imised ‘Art’ plat­form i.e. gal­leries, mu­se­ums and in­sti­tu­tions, artis­tic and so­cially crit­i­cal texts that would­n’t usu­ally at­tract any at­ten­tion in their usual me­dia cir­cu­la­tion, are in­stalled in pub­lic spaces, in printed form. Sub­se­quently, since the pro­ject has been widely ex­posed via blogs and pub­li­ca­tions, it has at­tracted as­so­ci­ates and con­tribut­ing artists from across the world. This sit­u­a­tion hav­ing arisen, stim­u­lated the cre­ation of the web­site, which had be­come an open pub­lic plat­form for pub­lish­ing doc­u­men­ta­tions of the var­ied in­ter­ven­tions by par­tic­i­pants, in var­i­ous lo­ca­tions. Thus was born, in or­der to ex­plore text in pub­lic space as an artis­tic strat­egy, to widely dis­sem­i­nate ac­tual ideas, of­ten be­ing ig­nored by mass me­dia, as well as to draw at­ten­tion and com­ment on ex­ist­ing is­sues. At the mo­ment the pro­ject is await­ing it's mas­sive re­launch. Read Less
By Egor Kraft

22% of people read the text on street posters like this one. 28% - try to read, and without having understood any sense of it, go further. The rest don't pay it attention. But what if the secret of happiness has been written here?
Imagine you saw a colour in your dream, which you have never seen before. It doesn't consist of any colours or shades that you know. Trying to describe that colour would be as difficult as trying to belive that there is enough love & compassion in the world so every human can feel happiness.
“Secret of Happiness” poster tattooed on the back of Denis Vasilenko. Interview with Denis could be found on the project’s website 
By Petr Davydtchenko