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    Taurica Trails Visual Identity.
Logo by Nikita Lebedev. Visual identity and reduced logo by Alexander Kormilitsyn.
The basic logo idea - to gather together main company's activities, as well as
hinting at the beautiful Crimean nature, combining all this as T-grapheme.

Аdvertising campaign can be built on the contrast and interaction of modern and ancient artifacts related to the brand. So, antiquities, such as amphora or marble plaques, as seen on posters, bear the graphic elements of the logo, thus combining the ancient and the modern . Such 'containers' for the graphic give the whole advertising campaign diverse and interesting form, at the same time being kind of 'replicated' and thus recognizable to the target audience. The posters seem to be playing with the attention of passers, plunging them into the game. I drew two city billboards that you can see below, but they can be much more.