#ДАНСwithme - the Bulgarian Protest

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  • These are some of the images I took in the first days of the massive antigovernment Bulgarian protests, which arose in June 2013 and lasted for more than 200 days now and despite being the largest since '97, didn't achieve their demands for resignation, due to the extreme impudence of the current governing coalition.
    Despite the numerous people, who attended them (speaking of tens of thousands in the early days), I tried to focus on individual subjects and show the great variety in age and social status of the population, attending them and in the end of this series I added a conceptual image I made in front of the National Assembly of the Republic in Bulgaria as a personal reactionary portrait of the current state of the majority Bulgarian people towards its politicians. It was never supposed to incite violence, but to picture the attitude of the people on the street and their desperation and deprivation of faith towards politics in the past decade.
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