It has been just over three decades since the legendary drink Pepsi-cola, a symbol of freedom and a unique lifestyle, has appeared on the Ukrainian market.
  At the end of 2012, the original Pepsi bottle made a comeback straight from the 1980’s. We wanted to tell the modern generation about this time in history and also give a little dose of nostalgia for the older generation, so we picked the trendiest things and events that took place thirty years ago and placed them all in our Pepsi Time Machine.
  We chose today’s trends in hobbies and music and replaced them with the trends of the 80’s.  A fan of tattoos became a pyrography enthusiast, parkour was replaced with hurdle jumping and modern gamers and geeks became young engineers while Lana Del Rey fans now had Laima Vaikule listed as their favorite singer. 
  For true experts of the 1980s era, we organized a quiz that was based on the popular 80’s game show - "What? Where?  When?"
Retro Booth
  The next part of the journey into the past was a laboratory where one could get a makeover into an 80's fashionista. Looks with 80’s style hair and accessories were added to all photos of user’s that visited our photo booth.  Users were transformed from normal to funky in a matter of minutes with a complete 80’s look.
  After going through all the stages of  “retro-fication”, guest gaines access to the last а of its kind 80’s  ‘’Unuversam’’ that carried assorted deficit goods.
  Going further back in time, we opened a New Year Post Office, where anyone could send greetings to friends and family straight from the 80's.  Just like 30 years ago, when people still remembered the taste of stamps, an vintage style greeting card was developed online, then printed and sent to the addressee with a congratulatory greeting for the upcoming 2013 year. 
 By looking back into the past, we realized that the gap between the modern times and the eighties is not so great. It has been over 30 years and Pepsi is still with us during the most thrilling and epic moments of today.  Because awesome things never go out of style!
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