Customer Introduction: Belimed Group
The Belimed Group is a world leader in developing, producing and marketing innovative cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation systems in the healthcare, pharmaceutical industry and laboratory sectors.
My partnership with Belimed began in 2005. Belimed is one of my biggest and sophisticated customer.
I have designed >30 brochures and >70 ads for print, several booths, 3D illustrations, catalogues, flyers, cards, stickers and much more. These images are only a small extract from the huge amount of works I have realized for Belimed.  
Brochure about desinfector machines for dentists
Belimed Locations in Europe
Belimed Agencies Worldwide
In 2013 Belimed wanted to have a more cleaner and flatter design for their christmas cards. The christmas cards before 2013 had a more classical aproach. 
Christmas Card 2013
Water Christmas Ball for Christmas Card 2013
3D Illustration for Spypach – a System for Cleaning Flexible Endoscopes.