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    This was our classroom project, where we were supposed to promote any brand, of our choice, through various mediums. I took 'Coke' as the brand.
 This was our classroom project, where we were supposed to promote any brand, of our choice, through various mediums. I took 'Coke' as the brand.
 The shape chosen for the bunting has an outline of a Coke glass bottle cap, with really common patterned designs, and minimum usage of colours, yet,  fancy enough to grab the eyeballs.
 Also, the typeface decided carries an inspiration of an 'Ambigram'.
An ambigram is a word, art form or other symbolic representation, whose elements retain meaning when viewed or interpreted from a different direction,perspective, or orientation.
 It was an attempt to make an ambigram of 'Coca Cola' in two scripts, Latin and Devanagari. 
Rough work
After 180 degree rotation 
Rough work
Typeface Design
Here, I just took a hollow circle and created letters using all the quater parts of the circle, giving them a slight slanting shape towards the end, to make them look alike, and as if they belong from the same font family!
An ambigram of  'Coca Cola' using scripts, Latin and Devanagari 
Front face
Back face