• Kisses 1 Dollar gold foil stamped print / $25.00
  • My Heart Open 7 Days 5"x7" gold foil stamped print / $25.00
  • Make Outs 5"x7" gold foil stamped print / $25.00
  • Full Service 5"x7" gold foil stamped print / $25.00
  • Special 1/2 my bed for rent 5"x7" gold foil stamped print / $25.00
  • Now Serving Hot Lovin' 5"x7" gold foil stamp print / $25.00
  • Your Clothing 100% Off 5"x7" print / $25.00
  • My Love - Lease with the Option to Own 5"x7" print / $25.00
  • Hugs and Kisses - Buy 1 Get 1 Free 5"x7" print / $25.00
  • Single Limited Time Only 5"x7" print / $25.00
  • Cheap Dirty Talk 5"x7" print / $25.00
  • Wanted : Hand to Hold 5"x7" print / $25.00
  • Love for Sale is a series inspired by the desire we all have for love. The typographic influence comes from old showcard sign painting in store windows and grocery stores advertising sales and specials. This seemed like just the style needed for a no-nonsense marketing campaign. Some are sweet, some are dirty, some are just plain silly. Such is love. 
    For those of us who are single, these signs comprises a sales pitch highlighting well-honed skill sets, and the promise of romance with a witty edge. For those who are in a relationship these signs will keep the spirit alive.
    The series of 5”x7” prints are done on a thick black card stock adorned with shiny gold and matte white foil stamping. This very special printing process makes these feel precious, especially given their small size. Lovingly printed by Coeur Noir Specialty Printing in Brooklyn.