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About the NFT work "Mugendai Collection
About the NFT work "Mugendai Collection
We have started a new NFT collection called the Infinity Collection at OpenSea.

About Mugendai Collection
From a single sketchbook to an infinite world

- *A work of art born from a single sketchbook
- *The work is infinite in its repetition
- *50% of profits to support children around the world
- *The remaining 50% will be used for his own creative activities and NFT purchases
- *100 works to be registered
- *Register about 5 pieces at a time. The next work will be registered as soon as it is sold out
- *Working from a long-term perspective
- *Registered as polygons for environmental reasons
- *Images can be downloaded from links in Unlockablecontent
- *Owners may use this NFT work, including Unlockablecontent, in their own artwork for personal or commercial use in the following ways
-- *Available as your own artwork with some modifications.
-- *Only content that does not violate public order and morals can be used.
-- *Distribution, resale, or similar activities are prohibited.
-- *Please contact me if you can when you publish artwork using this work. I may be able to help with publicity, although I can't promise it.
**About the numbering of each work**
※Please refer to the work search.
No.00 "Sketchbook of Beginnings" You can download all the images in this collection from the links in Unlockablecontent.
No.1_X Watercolor pencil work
No.2_X Japanese paper works
No.3_X Acrylic gouache works
No.4_X Pastel works
No.5_X Crayon works
 **Copyright, Commercial Use, and Other Terms**
◆For commercial use, see above.
◆The purchaser grants the copyright holder permission to use this NFT work in the copyright holder's creative activities.
The copyright holder is granted permission to display the work, publish it in a portfolio, or use it in other works in the creator's creative activities.
◆Buying and selling are at your own risk.
In the event that the purchaser, assignee, or any other third party suffers damages in connection with the purchase or sale of this NFT, the Publisher shall not be liable for any damages, regardless of the cause.
Infinite is good, isn't it? It's an eternal theme.
I'm going to talk about what inspired me to create this collection here. Please take a look at it if you like. →
Date of production◆Feb. 2022
Media in which the example was used◆NFT
Drawing materials and tools used◆Sketchbooks, watercolor pencils, acrylic gouache, pastels, crayons, Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effect
About the NFT work "Mugendai Collection


About the NFT work "Mugendai Collection