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    Modern stage piano
Modern stage piano
Trend Hunter: "It would not be surprising if your first look at the Wave Piano caused you to question its purpose. This elegant grand piano deviates so greatly from the conventional form that you can hardly recognize it.
The giveaway is, of course, the slim keyboard that's evident along one side of the sinuous musical instrument. A full set of ivories is presented at the base of a long and graceful arc that makes up the body and the cover of the tuneful contraption. A pair of arching brushed metal legs elevate Apostol Tnokovski's grand above the floor, and its these elements that seem to guide the curvature of the Wave Piano. To complete its streamlined and futuristic look, the melodious object has been finished in a high-gloss black that casts off lustrous reflections."
1:5 scale model development process: