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    Logo and payoff concept for Bologna city branding.
Bologna is a contemporary city that is attentive to its authentic relationship with the visitor. 
There is a tangible atmosphere that nicely reassures and relaxes, making you “feel at home”.

Oldest university of Europe, youngsters, cultural events, music, wine and good food, architecture, towers.
Visitors arriving in Bologna find themselves faced with a completely horizontal monumentalism!

PAYOFF by Réka Mihalovics
On one hand the line „City of wanders” refers to the porticoes where one can wander free from restrictions surrounded by adventures and experiences which are feasts for the senses. On the other hand the word WANDER is quite similar to the word WONDER which word as a noun means a kind miracle and as a verb means the doing of magic and being amused by magic. Altogether here I refer to Bologna as a city full of wonderful possibilities, miracles and opportunities to experience amusement for all through wandering around the city.  

Bologna’s unique tangible element, distinctive and credible, is its porticoes, which run for more than 40 Km, linking the centre of the city to the surrounding suburbs. …they stimulate a number of senses: under the porticoes you can listen to voices and sounds, at the same time dilated and muffled, you can perceive odours, such as the pleasant aromas coming from the shops, you can look at the shop windows and the magnificent courtyards, you can stop and shake hands with those you meet, thus stimulating the sense of touch too. 
…an experience that takes away the sensation of being a tourist, as you become a part of everyone’s journey.
The portico is a metaphor for a city that does not impose predefined routes, but lets you make a choice…

The invitation to wander and lose oneself in Bologna, a city where both human and sensorial relationships are inseparable. Walking through Bologna’s porticoes is the experiential key that we can offer the visitor: a unique and multifaceted perspective of the past and the present.
Motif of porticoes identify the city at the first glimpse. They are traditional elements still the centre of contemporary lifestyle. 

Special thanks Réka Mihalovics, Péter Berki and Villő Farkas