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The Best Advice for New Parents

The Best Advice for New Parents

Becoming a first-time parent is an exciting and magical time in any person’s life. However, it can also be a time full of uncertainties and questions? 

New parents are often bombarded with advice about and opinions on their parenting, so much so that new parents begin second-guessing their parenting choices and child-rearing abilities. 

Below is some tried and true advice to ease a new parent’s mind.

Don’t’ Worry if Breastfeeding Isn’t Working Out

Perhaps one of the biggest things new moms are criticized for is not breastfeeding their baby. A mom who breastfeeds in public is bad, but a mom who doesn’t breastfeed is also bad. A mom who must pump at work is seen as unprofessional, and a mom who takes maternity leave to breastfeed is seen as not dedicated to their career. 

No matter what a new mother does, they can’t seem to win in the eyes of the public. 

So, if breastfeeding isn’t working out, a new mother should not feel bad about switching their newborn to formula. Formula has all the nutrients that a newborn needs, and they even make special formula for babies with sensitive stomachs!
Don’t worry about what other people have to say, as long as a newborn is fed and full of quality formula then they will grow healthy and strong!

Schedule Regular Diaper Deliveries

Any experienced parent will tell a new parent about the many times they have had to run out to the store late at night or early in the morning to pick up more diapers. 
As a new parent, learn from these stories and order diapers online on a recurring basis. 

There are many diaper options online to fit every budget or preference, and delivery is speedy and convenient. 

If new parents are going the organic, chemical-free route with their baby, they can purchase chemical-free bamboo diapers on a recurring basis, and schedule diaper deliveries to fit with their schedule!

Screen Time is Okay!

For some reason, the notion of allowing a newborn to see screens or watch TV is seen as bad or lazy parenting, but this is not the case at all!
The world revolves around the use of technology, and the sooner a baby is acclimated to technology the better. 

Older parents may roll their eyes and claim they never would have allowed their baby to watch TV or play games on an iPad, but this is a different, more technology-centric world than the world they raised their babies in.

The Best Advice for New Parents

The Best Advice for New Parents


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