Throughout the years I have always had a lot of
thoughts about a lot of different subjects. These thoughts
began to build up more and more as I began pursuing different
business avenues, and my freelance design career, to the
point where something had to give.

When I discovered that I could blog about the backed
up thoughts that were spewing out of my over-functioning
brain it was a great relief. I have spent the better part of the
past several years developing my writing style and blog to
reflect both my personality and ideas about the subjects I am
interested in. This has been working wonderfully until recently,
when I realized I wanted to expand on my ideas in a way that
short blog posts wouldn’t allow. Voila, the ebook you are reading
right now.

In this ebook you will find a handful of tips to help you
with anything from achieving a hard goal, to developing a new
business, to general happiness in your life. Not only does this
ebook help to serve you but it also helps provide me with the
motivation I will need in the future. All through just a quick

With the vast amount of the big ideas I had floating
around in my head I always wished I had more people to
motivate me growing up, so here is my first attempt at helping
others with that exact problem.
Download for FREE at
(extra motivational quote desktop wallpaper, plus iphone and android sizes available at the end of the book!)