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Ēra-Brand & Packaging Design

The New Era
Of Tomato Sauce.
Produced and Packaged in Florina, Greece by Ēra-Products.
Brand-Packaging → AGrafix Design Studio

Featured on "Packaging Of The World".
Selected to be published on the "Favourite Design Book 2022" / Avignon France.
Award: "The Best Condiment Packaging Design 2022" / DesignRush. Miami, Florida United States. 

Produced & packaged by : Era Products
Sales Manager : Konstantinidis Georgios, Florina Greece
Naming, Brand & Packaging → AGrafix Design Studio
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Ēra-Brand & Packaging Design

Ēra-Brand & Packaging Design

Brand-Label Design for Era Products Greek Tomato Sauces. → AGrafix Design Studio