The Black Geese
The Rescue:
This is the part of the tale where Elena takes her baby brother back from the sleeping witch's cabin. 
I used a 0.3 fineliner and an Orange highlighter then used photoshop to touch up the colours and reduce noise on the image.
When in need:
This is the part of the tale where Baba Yaga is closing in on the two siblings about to snatch them when Elena remembers what the fish told her, she throws the shell over her shoulder and a lake appears, creating a large distance between them, Baba Yaga drinks the lake up in no time and continues the pursuit.
I used a 0.3 fineliner and blue pencil but then used vector for the water so i could scale the image up using Illustrator.
Good Samaritan:
This is the part in the tale when Elena is racing deeper into the forest to safe her baby brother, she hear the call for help from 3 different creatures on the forest, first a fish on the bank and needing to be put in the water, second a squirrel that is caught in a trap and needed to be release and third a mouse that was blocked out of its home by a boulder, she saves each and they gift her with 3 items, the fish - a shell, the squirrel - a walnut and the mouse - a stone then she continues her plan.
i used a 0.3 fineline and Illustrator to colour it all.