Digital Fantasy Art
3D Rendering

I am a self-taught artist, and I have been working in digital media for 8 years. I am a long-time fan of fantasy, sci-fi and horror art, and my passion is for the supernatural and otherworldly.To date, I have 8 book covers in print, with another 4 in the pipeline, I have created character art for a number of online games, and undertaken numerous character commissions for individuals.I use a combination of 3D software and Photoshop / Painter to create unique artworks.

I have undertaken a number of commissions in recent years, both for individuals and for companies. These range from book cover and business card designs, to avatars and signature images, to visualisations of specific characters.

I have also created a number of character portraits for various online games, including 'Vaperida', 'Warriors of Vengeance' and 'Lost Labyrinth', as well as character design and interface work on a few Facebook Games.
The Heartbeat of stone - Personal work
'Gilbridge MacBheann' - commission for Spanish author Laura Cuenca
'A Prison with no Walls' - personal work
'Ambush at the Swamp' - personal work
'Secret Passion' - Requested work, 2012.
'Lord of the Frozen Wastes' - personal work.  This picture was 'image of the day' on ImagineFX.