First project of the Communication Design MA, where we were asked to create a product to be sold in a Pop-Up Shop event organized by the school, which took place at Maus Hábitos in early December. The only requirement of this project was that we explored visual language.
The box layout and content were inspired by vintage wood type catalogs.
For the twenty boxes I had on sale, I baked more than 180 cookies and carved more than 160 letters.
Instructions of use: first, pour the chocolate in a plate. If the chocolate is not liquid enough you can put it in the microwave for a few seconds until you get the right consistency. Next, pick up your roller and dip it in the chocolate, rolling out the excess “paint”. You can either keep the letters in the box or assemble them any way you want. After finding the right placement, roll over the letters with the roller. To print them, place the “sheet” of fondant (or any other flat surface) on top of the letters and press gently. You can also use the letters as a stamp and print them the other way around.
MA Communication Design
ESAD 2013

Prof. Andrew Howard and Prof. Ana Raposo
Leonor Oliveira